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Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are made of a helical coil with legs coming off of the body. The legs are fitted or pressed against two elements to create resistance. As force is applied by the elements, a torsion spring works by twisting around the centre and trying to push the elements back to their original position.

The more force applied, the tighter the coil becomes, decreasing the inside diameter. Torsion springs should always be used in the direction of the wind up, as if used in the opposite direction this can lead to overstressing, failure of the spring or breakages. The legs can be bent into many different forms for each specific application.

Double Torsion Springs

Double Torsion Springs are two single torsion springs connected together in the middle. These have the same features as a single torsion spring but have two coiled bodies wound in opposite directions. As with a single torsion spring, the legs are usually fitted or pressed against an element whilst the coiled bodies usually sit over a rod. These springs can double the torque that you receive from a single torsion spring.

Torsion Spring Dimensions

When ordering a Torsion spring, it is very useful to provide any details you have to hand. The main dimensions needed are:

  • Wire Diameter
  • Body Length
  • Outside or Inside Diameter
  • Leg Length
  • Angle of Leg
  • Direction of Wind

It is also important to advise us of any closely related working parts, such as:

  • If the spring works inside a hole
  • If the spring works over a shaft

Torsion Spring Design & Manufacture

Here at Leeming & Peel we are high-quality torsion spring designers and manufacturers who can create the best torsion springs for your application. Having been manufacturing since 1947 we have many years’ experience in designing to fit a variety of applications, we can also suggest adjustments in design that often result in money saving options.


In this video you can see our state-of-the-art precision Wafios CNC coiler in action manufacturing a right handed torsion spring. It can also coil left handed torsion springs, double torsion springs, shaped conical springs, extension springs and wireforms.

The spring featured in the video is a pitched torsion spring made from 1.42mm Carbon Spring Steel. It has an Outside Diameter of 24.42mm with 5.9 total coils and a 1.6mm pitch. The legs are set opposite with one leg hooked. This particular spring was then sent to be Zinc plated & Clear Passivated.

The CNC machine has been programmed to ensure every spring is the exact same specification as the previous one. The Wafios uses laser technology for precision cutting. The red laser light can be seen in the video when preparing to finish.

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