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Flat Springs

Flat springs are flat strips of material that, when deflected by an external load, store and release energy. They are used in restricted space conditions where the deflection required is usually small. Many types of intricate radius bends & punched holes make up the design of Flat Springs

At Leeming & Peel, we are able to provide a wide range of flat springs that are only limited to the imagination.

Flat Spring Design & Manufacturer

Leeming & Peel Ltd are manufacturers of flat springs produced from a variety of materials including high carbon spring steel, stainless steel and alloy materials. Flat springs come in a range of different shapes and sizes for various applications. They are used for numerous purposes within differing industries, such as motors, office equipment, generators, counterbalances, doors and electrical switchgear.

As leading UK designer and manufacturer we, at Leeming & Peel Ltd, pride ourselves in our expert advice and precision manufacturing. With over 70 years’ experience in flat spring making, we are confident that you will receive the best advice and service tailored to your flat spring needs.

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Flat Springs