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About Us

Spring Makers since 1947

About Leeming & Peel Ltd

At Leeming & Peel we pride ourselves in providing competitive prices and exceptional delivery whilst never compromising on quality and service.

Our long history of manufacturing springs means that we can expertly design, and manufacture springs tailored to your specific requirements, offering materials to suit the application of your springs. We cater for any quantity from one single spring, to thousands. We have a small hand-crafted section that enables us to cater for small quantities whilst our State of the art CNC machines can manufacture in the thousands.

We are proud to hold an ISO9001 certification (Click Here) giving you the confidence that we are manufacturing to the highest standards.

Origins in the Textile Trade

In the early days, Leeming & Peel’s spring products were manufactured for the booming textile industry in the Bradford district. Over 70 years later we have developed and diversified into supplying a bespoke range of spring products and services, to a variety of different industries across the UK.

Springs for all Sectors

Whilst industrial springs are very much a major part of Leeming & Peel Ltd, our everyday life demands springs of some form or another from construction, transport, automotive, furniture, to electronic and home appliances, and toys.

Today we are proud to be accredited to ISO 9001:2008 Registered by ISOQAR Number 9250. We welcome single orders and are well equipped to manufacture small quantities as well as large quantities. If you have a demand, our sales team are ready to create your required spring.