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Compression Springs

Compression springs are open-wound helical springs that exert a force when compressed. They are used to push back on an applied force or load in order to return to its original position. Compression springs tend to be the most commonly used and most economical of spring types.

Compression Spring Designer & Manufacturer

Leeming & Peel are a leading spring manufacturer and designer producing a variety of different shapes of compression springs including standard cylindrical, conical, hourglass and barrel. Depending on the application, compression springs can work inside a hole, over a rod/pin or be free standing. These can all be finished with ends either un-ground or ground flat. We also produce lengths of compression springs ready to be cut to the required length.

Compression Spring Dimensions

When ordering a compression spring, it is very useful to provide any details you have to hand. The main dimensions needed are:

  • Wire Diameter
  • Free Length
  • Outside or inside Diameter
  • Coils
  • End Type
  • Load (If Known)

It is also important to advise us of any closely related working parts, such as:

  • If the spring works inside a hole
  • If the spring works over a shaft

Wide Range Of Materials

Compression springs can be manufactured from of a variety of wire materials including carbon spring steel, stainless spring steel and alloys. Based in the heart of Yorkshire, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service and exceptional delivery times on a variety of compression springs. Our aim is to produce the perfect spring for your required application in the fastest time possible whilst maintaining the quality standards expected.


In this video you can see our state-of-the-art precision CNC auto coiler in action manufacturing a conical spring. The CNC machine has been programmed to ensure every spring is the exact same specification as the previous one.

The spring featured in the video is made from 0.91mm 302S26 Stainless Steel. The small ID is 5mm coiling 3 coils up to a large OD of 11mm giving a total length of 8mm. Conical Springs are ideal when space is limited as each coil compresses to sit inside each other resulting in a completely flat spring.

Variable Pitch Compression Spring

This video shows our state-of-the-art precision CNC machine in action manufacturing a variable pitch compression spring. This particular spring is manufactured to be used as a hose protector.

The spring featured in the video is a variable pitch compression spring manufactured in 2.03mm Stainless steel spring wire. It has an Outside Diameter of 22mm and a Free Length of 122mm. The first 20 coils are wound tight together with no pitch it then leads into 20 pitched coils followed by 2 coils closed at the end. Once the compression spring is completed on the CNC machine it is them hand ground to ensure that there is absolutely no tip.

The CNC machine has been programmed to ensure every spring is the exact same specification as the previous one.

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