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Tension Springs

Tension springs, also known as extension springs, create a resistance to a pulling force by applying either hooks, loops or inserts to the ends. The initial tension of a spring determines how tightly together it is coiled, which can then be adjusted to support the load required. Their main job is to hold two things together as they try to move apart using energy stored in the spring.

Tension Spring Manufacturer

At Leeming & Peel we are manufacturers of quality tension springs with a choice of any of the following; loops, hooks, extended, swivel or apply inserts to meet any application.

The type of wire will depend on the application of the spring. Different materials work in different ways, contracting and extending at different rates. Our years of expertise enable us to advise which material best suits your application, which can often result in money saving options.



Tension Spring Dimensions

When ordering a Tension spring, it is very useful to provide any details you have to hand. The main dimensions needed are:

  • Wire Diameter
  • Body Length
  • Outside or Inside Diameter
  • Length inside ends
  • End Type
  • Gap Opening

Tension Spring Design

Extension Springs can also be designed with a swivel hook end. This is a separate wire hook that is kept in place by coning the end of the tension spring body. This is usually used as an alternative design when a large amount of pressure is placed through the hooks. This enables movement of the hook to avoid breakage.

Leeming & Peel are an experienced tension spring manufacturer, supplying tension springs of the highest quality using over 70 years of craftmanship experience. You can be reassured that you are always receiving expert advice from our sales team.


In this video you can see our state-of-the-art precision Wafios CNC coiler in action manufacturing an extension spring. It can also coil torsion springs, double torsion springs, shaped conical springs, compression springs and wireforms.

The spring featured in the video is an extended hook tension spring made from 1.63mm Carbon Spring Steel. It has an Outside Diameter of 12.7mm with a body length of 57.4mm. The hooks are set at 90 degrees. Once the spring comes of the machine a second operation is required to bend the final hook into place.

The CNC machine has been programmed to ensure every spring is the exact same specification as the previous one. The Wafios uses laser technology for precision cutting. The red laser light can be seen clearly in the video following the coiling of the spring.

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