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Manufacturer of coil springs, compression springs, flat springs, tension springs and wireforms

At Leeming & Peel Ltd (Springs) we manufacturer Coil Springs, Wire Shapes and Flat Springs for all types of industries. We have been in the business since 1947 and can provide you with expert advice and quality springs from our Bradford base.

These are sometimes called Extension Springs and Garage Door Springs. Tension springs are exactly the opposite to compression springs, in that they are close coiled helical springs that extend under a pulling force.

A torsion spring, unlike a compression spring, is designed to be twisted. Torsion coil springs are generally deployed in 'pop-up' operations; appliance covers such as cameras, CD players and other similar items.

Wire form springs are custom made to specific angles and lengths. The difference with wire form springs is that where most springs have a helix or spiral shaped in coils, wire form springs typically are not made in traditional styles.

Sometimes springs are a visual part of design or equipment and need to be colour coded.

We can also manufacture Shot Peen or Bead Peen Springs on request thus greatly improving the fatigue life of the springs.

Carbon Spring steel springs can be plated in your choice of finish; zinc, chrome, gold, chemical black or even traditional galvanised finish. If you have specific requirements for a certain type of finish, please call us to discuss your choice.

Plated Finish Springs

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Garter springs are compression springs but with their ends fastened together to form a complete circle. They are designed to provide an even force around an object. Garter springs are often used in oil seals, motor belter, electrical connectors and piston-ring expanders.